Thursday, February 10, 2011

Call Me Crazy

but we're headed to the mountains this weekend.  The very place I shredded my ACL a few years back.

However, this trip is for the boys.  It'll be their first time on skis and snowboards.  Pete wants to snowboard and RePete wants to ski so they'll be getting lessons on the first day.

I'll be fluff.  I still don't think I've built my leg back up enough so I won't be skiing or snowboarding.  Instead, I'll be following them to lessons, snapping photos and video and when BN takes them to the bunny slope, I'll be sipping cocoa in the lodge.  Or maybe I'll go back to my nice comfy condo.  Can you imagine being in a three bedroom condo at the top of a mountain without anyone making noises?  I can.

I should insert RePete's evil laugh here.  Moo haha  He can't quite get the "wa" sound in there and it's hilarious.

It's a shame we'll only be there for one night.  BN can't get any time off work right now and since we're taking our 16 yo nephew who would just hate to miss school (moo haha), we'll be arriving early Saturday and leaving around dinner time on Sunday.

And other than BN's guy trip to WVa to snowboard later in the month, this will be our last ski trip of the year.

Next year, I'm buying a snowboard.  Reread the title.


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