Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For science today we made crystals.

I bought a science program (NOEO) several years ago and Pete didn't like it. So I sold all the books to our local homeschool store and kept the experiments kits.

While cleaning out the office closet, I found the kits. It's amazing what I found in there. Thankfully, nothing dead.

So anyway, we are making sugar crystals. Think rock candy. YES! Salt crystals and more salt crystals - one using baking soda and strings and the other growing dissolved salt on charcoal.

Here's how they look about 2 hours after we started.

Yeah, I know, don't fall over from all the excitement.

My sons are thrilled that they get to eat brown rock candy.  No bright blues or reds or greens.  Brown.  That's organic sugar for ya.


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