Monday, March 21, 2011

Science for Boys

We are using several sources for science this year.

I downloaded Mr. Qs FREE Life Sciences program.  The reading is easy with jokes throughout - perfect for my 11 year old's attention span.  The labs are easy and fun and use mostly household items.

For the body portions of the book, I'm using some worksheets from The Human Body.   It's created for a classroom setting, but we just use the diagrams.

Also from Teachers Created Resources, we use My Body.  This one is for RePete.  Pete used it back in first grade and really got a kick out of it.  RePete loves it too and looks forward to this each day. 

You start by tracing the child while he is lying down on craft paper.   Big brother always like to help with anything that requires drawing.

This will cause lots of giggling.

Then each day, week, whatever you choose - the child colors the body organ while you read about it. 

Finally,  the part is cut out and taped or glued onto the drawn image like this.

We've only got a few organs left and we'll be done.  

I'm really glad I found this resource and that the boys both enjoyed using it.


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  1. I love this lesson plan ! It reminds me of one we did when I taught fourth grade and we learned how long our small and large intestines were. We stretched "replicas" around the room.


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