Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Stockings

My sister asked for one thing for her birthday, a stocking for the baby.
Apparently, many years ago, I made one for my nephew who is now 17.  I have absolutely no recollection of making a stocking except for the detail of the “T” hanging off the end of the cuff.  That rings a bell.  The rest..not so much. 
His was crocheted.  I’ve all but forgotten how to crochet anything more complicated than single and double stitches.  Seeing a picture of the old stocking does nothing for my memory, so the baby’s stocking had to be knitted.  I waffled back and forth on designs and after several false starts decided on a simple pattern of my own design.  The yarn in my stash played a part in that decision as well.  I wish I had had more of the green. 
So I knitted and knitted and finally came up with this.
But because the yarn I used wasn’t that thick and I used a bigger needle to knit this, I decided to try felting.  As is, the stocking is limp and holey, although I think the lettering turned out nicely.
Here is my first ever attempt at felting.
This phone pic does not do it justice.  The picture is blurry due to low lighting, but the stocking is fuzzy.  The lettering is not quite as nice as before the felting process, but the stocking has weight to it and feels more like it can handle all the Christmas goodies my sister will place in it next year. 
And hopefully, it’ll last as long as his big brother’s has lasted.


  1. I think those are pretty awesome.

    My aunt made stockings for me and my sisters one year - and I've been trying to work up the nerve to do the same for my kids. (it is so much more personal and loved than buying store-bought ones!)

  2. Karmyn - my aunt crocheted stockings for my sister and I and 30 years later, we still have them. And we remember them fondly. Your kids will thank you for them. :o) Check out She has a very easy and lovely stocking pattern you could try. I'll use it next time I need to make one.


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