Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm an underachiever

and that's the truth of it all.

This past Thursday, I met a real live bona fide barred homeschooling mom lawyer.  Phew!  Say that three times fast.

I think back story is needed.  And in the great tradition of my ninth grade history teacher,

"Let me tell you a Stir-ry."

So this homeschool mom tells us how she was home contemplating life and was actually on her way to law school when romance started.

From that moment on, every other homeschool mom I met was an almost lawyer.  Whether they met a rancher that sidetracked their plans or whether they accidentally got pregnant and had to delay their life goals, and myriad other reasons, they were headed for greatness.

It's become kind of a trendy catch phrase.  Go ahead.  Try it on.  "I was headed to law school."  Ooo how slippery.

So this past Thursday, I was talking with a homeschool mom that I love.  She's a totally unassuming, down-to-earth, kind person.  So when, in the course of our conversation, she said, "I went to law school", my hackles started rising and my bullshit meter was ready for action.  But it turns out she really did finish law school and passed the bar in another state.

And there probably isn't a real point to my story except that I never had any intention of going to law school, whether real or imaginary.

Then again, I'd sound so much more cool and motivated if I did. 


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