Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm a simple gal

for the most part.  I don't need or particularly like fancy things.

So when I recently decided to up the ante on my knitting, I pulled out an intermediate level sock pattern which happens to be called Ribbed Lace.  It's in Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks.

But as I started the stitches and saw holes, I realized these socks just would not do.  Holes in socks?  I mean really.  Why bother wearing socks for warmth if they are laced with holes?  So, I pulled out all the stitches and started over with a simple basket weave.  Still intermediate level.

I likey much better.

And the color...Matador by Felici at Knit Picks.  Oh my.  Can't wait to wear these.  They actually remind me of the scene in The Birdcage* when they try to play off Albert as the straight uncle.  He walks in wearing a dark suit and sits down.  When he crosses his leg... a flash of pink from his socks!  Classic.


* my favorite movie


  1. I LOVE that movie. Love Nathan Lane, Robin Williams... yep.

    And the socks? Yummy.

    But I have about 20 pairs of tie dyed socks. So I'm not toooo jealous. Only a little.

  2. Very pretty...and I LOVE your yarn caddy!

  3. The BirdCage is great - I've always wanted to see the French version (which was first). But, maybe I wouldn't enjoy it as much because who doesn't love Robin Williams and Nathan Lane?

  4. Ami - I need to try tie-dying. I'm so chicken.

    Thanks, Sandy. We don't use candy dishes and it works great for the ball to roll around in.

    Karmyn, Oooo. A french version. I have to find it now. But you're right. Those two just make the movie, right.


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