Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Parachute Has Holes

Forget about figuring out the color and because of that, I've spent about 10 years in college.

Oooo, you must be saying.  What did you study?  You must have a PhD by now.

In reality, I have five, that's right, five associate's degrees.  Whoopee, right.

In order:
  • Business Administration - took this because when I finally got out of the Navy, I could a get a job anywhere with this magic degree.  Then decided it was lame and stopped at the AS.
  • Accounting - once again, who doesn't need an accountant.  I'm good with numbers, I like order.  Nah. Not so much. Besides, some of our taxes are unconstitutional and piss me off.
  • Nutrition (certification) - and then I spent 180 hours in the hospital interning and realized the FDA is full of shit and gastric bypass patients have trouble eating a 1/4 cup of anything resulting in a return to the hospital where the staff call them "frequent flyers" behind their backs.
  • Nutrition (transfer) - did this in tandem with the certification because ODU promised me I could get my master's in tandem with my undergrad in Human Services.  And the only college that offered an RD only offers the courses when the professors feel like it.  My short attention span doesn't work like that. See above.
  • Interior Design - was a three year degree and by the time I finished I was thinking about homeschooling. 
  • Oh and I almost forgot to mention all the art classes that I've taken and probably qualify for a degree for that too.
So, here I sit.  Contemplating going back to school just so I can say I did it.  I started looking for the degree that would require the least amount of work.  What?  I homeschool my boys.  Like I have time for this.

Typical BN:  If you are going back to school, at least get a degree that you can use, like Photography.

Typical Me:  Photographers don't need degrees.  They need a good eye and a camera.  And I have both.

The thing is, I have no intention of going back to work.  Not that I'm not employable or perfectly capable of self-sufficiency.  But by the time my kids are are both gone, I'll be 52.  I plan to finally sit on the sofa, eating bon bons, watching smut TV all day and greeting my husband at the door in nothing but an apron.  I jest.

But it still bugs me that I never finished school.  Hmmm.  I'll have to keep thinking about this.


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  1. I started taking college classes for the first time this year. I'm working on 12 hours towards my associate's, have no idea where I'm heading with this or why I'm doing it, and it will take me forever to finish taking 2 classes per semester. If I quit my job, I could go full time and finish quicker, plus I might be able to get a grant. But I love my job and the people I work with. I don't know if I can quit at this point. So, here I sit on a Saturday morning, procrastinating on my homework and spending my time searching and printing all sorts of materials for my job that doesn't pay enough if I don't use my free time and printer ink on it. Am I crazy? Probably. What would be the sane thing to do here? Is sanity what I really want? Why am I an underachiever when it comes to working for things for me but an overachiever when it comes to working for other people and not getting paid to do it?


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