Friday, February 10, 2012


RePete has never been to school.  Ever.  Not even preschool.  A couple of years ago, I had a Valentines party at our home and our kids exchanged goodies.  But he's never experienced the thrill of getting a bag full of Valentines from twenty-something of his closest friends. *snicker*  Not that his life would have a void if he never did, but it's a fun thing and I wanted him to experience it.

AND this may be the last year RePete is not too cool to exchange Valentines with his friends, so I took the initiative and set up a craft table at our co-op today to help him grow out of it with style.

And I did it on crutches. (different story for another time)

I bought several sets of different colored bags, markers and lots and (I thought) lots of stickers.  Do you know how hard it is to find Valentine stickers that boys don't think are too "girly"?  But we made do.

I spent about $30 on stickers.  I thought it was a lot of stickers.  I forgot how much girls like stickers.

I'm used to my boys.  One or two stickers, their name and they're done.  The girls spent lots of time at my table today.  Everything was perfectly decorated and coordinated and beautiful.  Luckily, the foam stickers held out until the very last crafter, but next time I work a craft table, I'll know to bring more.  Much more.

I think we ended up with close to 30 kids who made bags that will be used to collect Valentines from their buddies next week.

I can't wait and I need to remember to take a picture.


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  1. Heehee.... 20 something of his closest friends.
    Haha... Valentine's day hasn't been the same for me since I got one from Ray Crepo in 3rd grade that said "I love you."

    I was soooo happy, until I saw that at least four other girls received THE EXACT SAME ONE from him.

    As for stickers? You either bring a LOT more or you mentally divide how many you have by how many show up and you say, "You may have 4 large and 6 small stickers" or whatever.

    Because they WILL use them all.

    And some of the boys will do that, too.

    And judicious use of a craft punch or three helps.

    Ugh. I have 12 kids today. And we'll be doing a wiener dog valentine thing I picked up at Goodwill because there are 12 sets in it.

    On the good side, every one is prepackaged.


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