Sunday, April 8, 2007

Quantum Physics

Yes, you heard right. I believe my sons understand Quantum Physics.

Have you seen What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole ? This is an attempt to prove scientifically what most of us already know - we are all connected. They take it to the most basic levels of atoms and molecules and show how they react with other atoms and molecules. In one experiment, the molecules actually change their patterns to what we would visually expect when an "observer" is present. It's actually quite interesting to watch this DVD, but be prepared, it's heady stuff. I need to watch it again to fully get everything.

So back to my the car doing the whole "he's touching me routine". The problem, and this is where quantum physics comes into play, when I glance in my mirror I become the "observer" and the boys assume a stance of innocence! Just like the molecules, they revert visually to what they know I want to see - my perfect Angels. I glance back at the road and WHAM!, the rules change and I hear the tell-tale whining coming from Lovey, while Sweetie starts on the excuses.

Quantum Physics in its most basic form - siblings.

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