Wednesday, April 11, 2007

History and Legacies

We are using The Story of the World: Ancient Times for first grade history. It's an excellent chronological historical account written by Susan Wise Bauer. Because the boys hear my voice enough throughout the day, I decided to purchase the audiobook read by Jim Weiss. It gives them AND me a break and we usually listen to the chapters in the car. The book is not only historical, but tells the stories in a way that is interesting and sometimes fun.

Mr. Weiss, however, is not my favorite voice to hear. He is a bit nasal and my sister Doodah thinks he is a bit monotone. You should hear his "female" voice -, woman. The boys don't seem to mind though, so I'll be purchasing them again for second grade.

I learned something today that I have never even heard of...Nasca Lines. (only with Jim's voice it sounded like Inasca) Have you heard of these? Think crop circles only much, much bigger and they've been around since 200-600 AD. Now that's something. Here's a link with lots of pictures to help fill the gaps left by my public school education and they are just awesome to behold.

It makes me want to leave a legacy of sorts...oh I guess my boys would count towards that and the things they can do. Sweetie can fake a burp so real sounding I almost always look at him and tersely remind him to say "excuse me" and don't get me started on the armpit farts. The newest charm they are working on is talking with their bellybuttons. I am overcome with pride!

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