Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cocoon, Chrysalis, or Village

Pete is fascinated with the caterpillars that are everywhere right now. You've seen the Eastern Tent caterpillars and I'm sure you've taken a stick and pulled on the big silken "tents" in the trees and watched them tumble to the ground. I would never!-at least not since I was 9.

We talked about the life cycle and whether his new friends would become butterflies or moths. Do you know? (answer found at the bottom of this post) We kept one in a container last year to watch the process. Unfortunately, we went away for 3 days and the caterpillar finished his metamorphosis only to meet his demise in our tiny container. I shook the container gently as Pete looked on and tried my best to make it look as though it was fluttering on the bottom of the container. Pete didn't buy it.

Today he found several crawling around the limbs of a tree in our backyard and decided to give them a home. I'm always amazed at what my son can do with leaves, twigs and rocks.

They look so happy in their new home although I have a sneaky suspicion they will pack their little caterpillar backpacks and leave quietly in the middle of the night. Have I told you about the time Pete tried to reconstitute, I mean revive worms he found on our sidewalk? He really does have such a big heart. HAPPY SPRING!

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