Monday, April 30, 2007

Unschoolin' at Sams Club

I needed to get my tires rotated and balanced and since I bought the tires at Sam's, I get that done for a small for the service, 2 hours of my time! So what does a homeschooling mamma do with 2 boys aged 7 and 3. First, she wanders down every single aisle, hits up the free cookies in the back, then wanders back up to the front of the store and feeds her youngins pizza at 10:30 in the morning. Then school begins.

Health Sciences Lesson (appropriate attire, relationships, cleanliness)

  • I buy Pete his first basketball looking shortset (I dislike these personally) and Pete asked why the arms are cut out. I say it is so you can show everyone your sweaty armpits. Pete asks, "Why? Does this attract the girls?" Not now, not ever.

  • I repeatedly tell RePete not to make dust-angels on the dirty floor.

Mathematics (Probability, money, measurements, addition and subtraction)

  • What is the probability that I get to Sam's 3 minutes before they open and I am still 5th in line to have work done to my tires? Crap. I've disliked statistics since my professor stated nobody in his class gets an A. I got a B+. Poop.

  • I forgot my checkbook and Sam's only takes Discover or debit cards. I cannot remember my pin so I have to take money out of the ATM. Quiz: If Mom takes $60 out of the ATM, how many $20s does she have? $10s? $5s? How much money will she have left at the end of 2 hours? ZERO

  • Pete pleads for gum so I buy him the Bubble Gum Tape that measures 72 inches. How many feet of gum does Pete have? If Mom is 5'7", how many inches is that and how much taller is the gum? This ended up being a trick question because Pete had about 3' of it in his mouth already.

  • RePete? There's 400 books in here and none of them are about Thomas the Tank.

School's done, now to go home and finish laundry.


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