Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Eve

I signed our boys up to participate in the Easter Egg hunt at the YMCA. First let me point out that we are against any city-run Easter Egg Hunts. Memory Bank 2002. Have you been to one? The parents give pep talks and go over strategies on how to collect the most eggs - it's really a disgusting display and one we avoid. But the Y offered a smaller hunt and therefore I thought it could be fun for the boys.

We woke up to snowflakes. The Y stated they would have the hunt "rain or shine - so bring umbrellas". Did they also mean snow? The prude mama in me came out and decided we would not even attempt to go. At 10am the snow had stopped at our house and my oldest begged to go anyway and see if the hunt was still on. Once on the highway, I could see the snow had been a little heavier the further north we drove. From the picture I obviously mean "heavy" as it applies to SE Virginia.

Unfortunately, due to running out of the house last minute, we arrived about 5 minutes too late. They were hiding the remaining eggs in plain site and it was a free for all. The boys did not get a single egg, but we still got a treat. I stopped at the convenience store on the way home and let them pick a candy of choice off the shelf and then we practiced finding eggs when we got home.

They haven't mentioned the failed egg hunt since. Ahhh, the resilience of youth.

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