Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Consider Yourself Lucky (I didn't take pictures)

Today, my sweet little RePete again refused to use the pot. If you missed the old posts let me just catch you up. He refuses to even stand in front of a potty or toilet and TRY!!!!! Instead he chooses to hold it 9 hours or until he can't hold it any longer and then with his little toes turned inward, he takes "the stance" and proceeds to piss out the mother load. Oh and he calls both things you do in a pot, pee-pee.
Today, he "peed" his pants twice and both times on the front porch. The first time I stripped off his clothes out there in front of God and everyone and hosed down the porch and his shoes. I got him cleaned up and back in fresh undies and shorts. The second time I walked up to the front storm door and looked at him all pigeoned toed and serious looking and asked through the glass, "what are you doing?" to which he replied, "pee-pee."
This time, I told him to take off the wet pants and then step inside to get cleaned up. He only took off his shorts. So I yanked his undies down to the sound of "thud-thud..thud..thud-thud." The fact that he didn't take his undies off himself should have been a warning, but I didn't listen. So now I have a half-nekked little thing standing there looking innocently at the turds on the rug by the front door.

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