Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Red Bat

My boys have already entered the "he's touching/looking at me" stage. I clearly explained the laws of the crack in the middle of the car seat - namely, don't extend any body parts beyond the middle of the seat and in our case, this includes your gazing eyes!

While gabbing with the girls tonight, I told of this stage we were entering and said that a minivan might be our salvation since I can put one boy in the center seat and one in the back to separate them.

One of the girls told a story about a Mom who kept a red plastic bat under her driver's seat. Anytime the kids in the back were misbehaving, she would pull out the bat and wildly flail it in the back seat area until things quieted down. **snicker**

Me and another Mom agreed to go in halves on enough inflatable bats for all in our group. We figure we can get them in bulk.

Price of a dozen inflatable bats: $11.95
Visual image of Mom flailing red bat: PRICELESS


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