Friday, June 13, 2008

Round Robin - I Made That!

This time around we have to show things we've made, whether that is food, crafty things, kids, whatever. This is a tough assignment because I usually give away what I make - except for the kids. (insert nervous laugh)

Back in November/December timeframe, I started a Robinella's Craft Corner Series. (hmm, I should start that back up) Anyway, you can see what we made here, here, here, and here.

As photographers in this ring, some of you may be interested in this post about building a light box. I ended up cutting the box down so that it was square and that helped with the lighting tremendously.

So let's see what I might have hanging around or any photos of things I've done.

View photos of old artwork here.

Here is an antique bureau that I refinished and that wild fruit laden tree on top is one of my creations. I'm not so good with the fruit - but I really liked how it turned out and it made a great vignette for our foyer.

This little stool was done by special request for my neighbor who is petite - only 4'-10". Her daughter is equally petite and needed a stool for the potty. So I made this:

And finally, in our first home (originally built 1914), the chimney could not be used without extensive repairs, so the previous owners covered up the wood stove openings in the chimneys. It was hideous. BN ripped out all the tacky plaster covering the fireplace opening and I faux finished it.


And after:

I don't how big this will click up to but on the mantle shelf is a model I made of our first home out of cardboard. It became an ornament for our tree - which my first son tore to pieces as a baby.

Enjoy the rest of the Creative Robins out there.


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