Monday, April 18, 2011

and then it was almost May

This month has escaped me.  First, my grandmother was ill and the doctors released her to hospice care, so we all gathered in NC.

Then, two weeks later, my dad dialed 911 and was taken in for emergency surgery.  My sister and I gathered our youngins and headed back to NC to check on him and make sure he was recovering.  He  has been recovering extremely well.

The next week, the doctors called to say my grandmother would be passing soon.  I couldn't make this trip, but the boys and I stopped in to visit her last week when we visited my dad and I'm glad we did.  She passed away on Saturday.  Love you, Grandma.


Repete had a game on Saturday and he scored two goals.  He gets so much joy from playing soccer.  He smiles the entire time.

Saturday evening, with the threat of impending tornados, the boys participated in our homeschool co-op variety show.  They both sang with their individual music classes.  And while I knew that RePete was learning recorder in his music class, I had no idea that he knew Three Blind Mice and Mary Had a Little Lamb.  What?

And Pete!  He played drums.  BN has given him a few lessons here at home, but Pete always complains that he is bored and just wants to play the drumset.  (nevermind all the rudimentary learning that comes before that)  But in his class he's been drumming to his own beat and he's good!  He played the set during the recital.

The film teacher also showed bits and pieces of the kids' work in between live performances and Pete definitely has a knack for film-making.  Really good stuff.

Those boys amaze me everyday.



  1. Sorry for your loss. :(

    And you should blog more often.
    Just sayin'.

  2. I'm trying. I just couldn't seem to get on here the past few weeks. But with our days settling from the hectic to the sublime summer, I should be around more often. :o)


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