Thursday, April 21, 2011

Workout - Day One

Was a huge success for me.  I didn't get up early like I wanted to but we managed to get to the gym just after 9am and the boys enjoyed their time in the I-Zone.  I had them bring their DSi's just in case but they didn't need them.

I still need to track someone down who can give me the times that the campers and school kids are not invading the I-Zone.  My kids are not able to do anything if those kids are in the room.  It makes it 3:1 on the games.  Not quite sure why they bring that many kids into that small room anyway.  Two thirds of them plus the stragglers have to sit around waiting for a chance to play.

Anyway, I loved the variety in my workout and at the point I would have just stopped if on my own, I kept going to the suggested number of reps.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...


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