Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's true. I'm lazy.

I have been sorta, kinda working out.  I've been watching yoga videos.  I go for a walk every now and then.  I've been trying to do Crossfit with BN even though it's too hard for me right now - BN says that's bull and he modifies all the workouts just for me.

But I don't want something modified for me.  I don't want to workout in my garage in this heat.  Spiders and dust and things oh my.

I want a workout that is just for me.  Meaning in a climate controlled room.  So I rejoined the Y thinking I'll just go back to doing the machines since they are dialed into me.  They have the seat height, any leg adjustments and of course the current weight I am able to lift.  And then there's all the cardio machines and cardio classes.  Definitely more workout than I can ever hope to do.

But you know what?  That bores me.  Really plays to my lazy side.

So yesterday I was talking to one of the staff while I worked out and she told me about their newest program called FitQuest.  And not only is it tailored to me, it also switches things up every day.

Every day, I get to do something new.  And it doesn't only involve the FitLinx machines.  It uses free weights - both barbell and dumbbell and it uses the pulley stuff and it uses floor exercises and more.  It's like having a personal trainer without all the annoying pep talk.

I just printed my workout for tomorrow and I can't wait to do it.

I hope I stick with it.  I want my waist back.


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