Saturday, September 10, 2011

D = 33

The other day, Karmyn commented on my blog post about schedules that she was disorganized and couldn't get her chaos under control. 

I've decided that since I turned 40, I am always in some stage of discombobulation.  In fact, I should probably start each post with my number.  You know, like a sleep number, only mine would tell my discombobulation number.

Today...not so bad.  I managed to get everyone up, get to the soccer field on time, clean bathrooms, clean carpets and now I'm settled in for a relaxing night.



  1. HAHA! Discombobulation number. I really like that and may have to use it myself!

    And why has this happened with turning 40? Is it old age-brain creeping up on us? I blamed having thyroid cancer - but I think it might be more to it than that.

  2. I blame the beginnings of Peri-menopause!


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