Friday, September 23, 2011

Week in Review (Sep 19-23)

This week has been a testament to my garbled mind.  I've talked about funny things the boys say, clothing, gardening, cholesterol and grammar and writing.  No focus button.

Pete started his Film Crew this week and he seems happy to be a part of it.  I know he'll love it even more when the actual filming takes place.

RePete is rocking the soccer field.  He loves soccer.  In fact, he smiles the entire time he plays.  It's a joy to watch. 

I've come up with a reward system to get RePete to learn his sight words.  Money talks, people.

I met up with a friend at co-op that I hadn't seen since last spring and we had a blast catching up.  She's a total free spirit and I'm a closet free spirit and it's liberating to be around her.

I'm focusing my spare time on holistic remedies for various maladies and I'm also trying to get back into yoga.

BN has a 30 hour adventure race this weekend.  We thought about going along and camping but he won't be there for taking the tent down all the fun, so we decided to wait until another time to camp.  Not sure what the boys and I will be doing this weekend.


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