Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The day the TV went out...

It was a dark and gloomy...day.  It really was.  We had just been cleared of the two tornado warnings in our area and with all the rain and the wind, we just wanted to hunker down and watch a movie.

BN was out of town and a neighbor kid just home from school was hunkering down with us.  Then, "POP!" and the 55 inch screen went dark.  At first there was excitement over the popping noise and then disbelief that we couldn't watch t.v. or a movie or play a video game. 

That television was the only one in the house because BN and I are strict about keeping all television activity in the family room.  Our bedroom is used for two things and t.v. is not one of them.  We don't allow televisions in the boys' rooms because we don't want them spending so much time apart from the family, which happens with kids we know that have access to games and computers and televisions in their own rooms.

So when the boob tube went out and the mourning period was over, the boys grabbed their big box of markers and art pads and sat at the table drawing until dinner.

We spent the remainder of Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday without television.  The boys played outside when it wasn't raining and when it was, they played indoors.  Simple as that.

You can bet your booty that we are fixing the problem, but I'm kinda liking the silence.



  1. The world didn't end? CPS didn't come and take your kids because you are (and evidently have been) abusing them? Wait till I tell my grandson - he won't believe it. He thought he was the only child in the world who doesn't own personal electronics...lol.

  2. LOL, Sandy. My eleven year old wants a phone and an iPod touch and guess what? He isn't getting either one. I mean really, who is he gonna call. And having internet access, unsupervised internet access, is just not happening. I'm sure I deprive my boys of all kinds of things. Poor dears. *snicker*


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