Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Garden Woes

Our garden was a total bust this year.  No cucumbers.  Five tomatoes. A handful of green beans and limas.  Oh and a couple of servings of lettuce and spinach.  No zuchinni, no peppers of any kind, and watermelons and cantaloupes that didn't ripen.

Look how sad this is. 

I was so disappointed that I didn't even take many pictures.  I'm not sure what happened this time around but I am seriously thinking of going back to the old row planting.  Not sure how we'll handle the moles/voles whatever they are, but this square thing isn't working for me.  I'm sure it works, I've seen other gardeners who use it, but I can't get it right.  I want to not only be able to provide food for my family during the growing season, but also be able to freeze or can items for future use.  I am so envious of the other gardeners I see or read that have been able to do this.



  1. Enough water? I've found that my raised beds dry out a lot quicker than the plain ground beds.

  2. How was your weather? We had a bad gardening year too, but I'm blaming it on the lack of warm sunny days.

  3. I think the weather we've had this year - earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and all the more heavy than usual storms have certainly contributed.

    I'd say I didn't water enough but because of all the storms, I rarely had to water. I can say that we only supplemented with one type of manure this year because I didn't compost. I think the dirt mix may need some supplementing.


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