Friday, May 11, 2007

The 60 Second Toothfairy Shuffle

Last night we ate at the Mexican restaurant and Pete had his favorite Mexican dish - chicken fingers and french fries. About half way through dinner, BN looks at Pete's mouth and says where's your tooth? Pete was unaware he'd lost it, but it was definitely in there when we arrived. Pete ate his tooth! Which ultimately led to a discussion about, you guessed it, poop.

Fast forward to today. While eating pancakes this morning, Pete suddenly jumps up and yells I forgot to look for the money. I choke on my pancake as I decide what to do. You see I forgot to put money under the pillow because 2 certain someones did not fall asleep until about 11pm and I was too tired to remember the Tooth Fairy money.

The first thought that comes to mind as I hear him running up to his room is that this would be a great time to tell Pete that there is no TF. But as I hear him tearing his bed apart, I realize he wants this charade to continue a bit longer, so guilt adrenaline sets in. I run into our bedroom and raid BN's change for $2 in quarters (guilt prompts $2 instead of the usual $1) and then hightail it up to the office to get a little baggie out of my scrapbook supplies and a piece of card stock to jot down something clever from the TF. I then casually waltz into his room and pick up his pillow while ever so carefully slipping the little baggie into his pillowcase. Then as I shake the pillow, I ask if he is sure he's checked everywhere, he hears the jingle jangle of money. He gets all excited and dives into the pillow case head first.

Pete finds the baggie, immediately counts the change, then jumps up and down with glee. It was so worth the 6o seconds.


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