Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mete RePete

Here's a little bit about RePete that you might not know. He's 3.
  • Started gymnastics today. He, like his brother, is a natural. Actually, I am more impressed that he did EXACTLY what he was told to do by the coach. It's amazing to see your little ones under someone else's direction.

  • Can yell louder than anyone I know.

  • Is a bowling fiend.

  • Hugs like no other.

  • Has beautiful hair that I guess I have to cut so he doesn't die of heat exhaustion this summer.

  • Loves music. His shoulders start to shrug at the first note of any song.

  • He can sing all the Kid's Bop cds.

  • Loves mud puddles.

  • Mud puddles love him and his chocolate shoes.

  • Refuses to use the potty.

  • Loves going to the zoo to see the ammals.

  • Is a big cheeser and immediately wants to see all pictures taken of him. He is also a fair photographer himself.

  • Decided this year that he can talk.

  • May not be able to remember every letter name, but knows what sound they make. Thank you Leap Frog videos.

  • Is able to navigate the computer without help. He somehow got from the Thomas and Friends website to Nick Jr. I still don't know how that happened.

  • Won't read a children's book, but can be found devouring the Atlas, Menus, Magazines or anything bigger than him anytime.

  • Stops to smell all the flowers.

As much as he is RePete, he's also coming into his own very nicely. Love you buddy,


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