Sunday, May 20, 2007

You know you are a homeschooler when...

you are already thinking about and or buying what you'll need for the next year instead of drooling over 2 1/2 months off for summer!

It was always our goal to school year round to help with retention and to avoid the back to school blahs. Last year we began around the end of July and that is the plan this year as well, but I'm so excited about what Pete will learn this next year that we may start sooner as this year is soon finishing up.

I've not totally given up on unschooling, but at Pete's request we are putting it on the back burner for now. He actually asked me when we were going to do more school? He also asked me when he would be able to get his clothes from the drawer instead of the laundry basket. I told him with perpetual laundry, it's hard to say!

So with his want for more school, (gasp) I re-interviewed him about what he wanted from school. He did not even hesitate. He wanted more art, music, gym and library. I understood the first three but was puzzled on the library thing since he whines when we go. And then he reminded me that in K, they checked out a book each week and if they brought it back on time, the librarian gave them a stamp in the book. After so many stamps, they were rewarded with a trip to the prize bucket. It's amazing that rubber erasers, hard candy and tiny plastic toys have this effect on children. I guess that's why the dentist and doctors use them. Such a simple concept that I hadn't thought of.

With this new information in my arsenal, things will be done much differently next year. I guess an order to Oriental Trading is in order. But instead of the dime candy, I think I'll buy craft kits.

Update on the boyhouse, er castle. BN has completed the build. Now I have to paint it. Pictures to follow in a few days.


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