Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meet Pete

For Mother's Day, I wanted to devote this weekend to my reasons for celebrating. Pete is 7.

  • Taught me how to be a Mother and is still teaching me.

  • Has a giggle that is infectious.

  • Looks exactly like he did at birth, just bigger.

  • Makes friends everywhere we go.

  • Is starting to outgrow his tics - squealing, throat noises, eye-"stretching"

  • Likes to walk on his toes.

  • Says his taste buds are changing.

  • Would rather make up a game than play video games or sports.

  • Has artistic talent.

  • Is sensitive.

  • Teaching RePete everything he knows. (hmmm.)

  • Is still the messiest eater I know.

  • Finally started taking showers, as opposed to baths.

  • Loves flip-flops and soft pants.

  • Likes to eat marshmallows and cereal from a baggie.

  • Never wants to go back to "regular" school.

  • Can create anything out of rocks, sticks and dirt.

Sometimes I still wish he fit into his Buzz Lightyear costume. Love you Sweetie,


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