Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why Robinella

Have I told you guys how I became Robinella?

A few moons ago, I was in the Navy. I worked as an Air Traffic Controller.

So, I'm in the Navy and stationed on a little island and we were a very small group. When you sit for hours couped up in the Tower or Radar trailer, you get to know one another, so naturally we talked and revealed personal stuff. We were sitting around talking about where we were from and something came over me. (All while aircraft were flying and in our care) I don't know what it was but I blurted out that my real name was Robinella. Of course, that was met with "Nahs" and "Reallys?" and I backed it up with factual information that made it conclusive. You see my sister's real name is not Doodah, it's $ella and my cousin's name is $&ella. After I mentioned their names, everyone believed me and I then became Robinella.

I let this play out for about 3 months before I told them the truth. Unfortunately, it stuck and I was Robinella until the end of my tour. ( I was also called the Porch Goddess in bootcamp and that stuck too, but that is another story) It's amazing how easily you can fool other people, which is why actors are so believable. I guess Pete gets his theatrics from me.

It's one of the reasons we thought homeschooling was better for him. He loves to make people laugh and school just doesn't have a sense of humor. He definitely keeps us rolling and it sure is good for the soul. And just today he actually made a funny that didn't involve poop or butts. His sense of humor is evolving and becoming more complicated. We were talking about mummies and how they are buried (for the zillionth time) and he says, "they must have needed a huge kitty box for that cat". He was of course referring to the Sphinx. And then he added, "It's a good thing he was built in the dessert...plenty of sand for the kitty box." Now while that wasn't har har funny, it was darn cute of him to come up with it all on his own.

Okay, so that was about poop after all. But at least there was some thought put into it. It wasn't just a random "RePete eats poop sandwiches".


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