Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Adventures of Pogo and Robinella

At least once a year, Pogo and I try to mame or otherwise k1ll our k1ds. Not on purpose, mind you.

Last year, I discovered Letterboxing and shared my enthusiasm with Pogo. Luckily, she is as romantic as I am and we decided this is something we'd like to do and drag our kids along on the pretense that is all for them. The adventure. The discovery. Yeah, right, more like the whining!! So we picked the hottest day that summer and picked the longest hike - 5 miles - to search for these stamping treasures. Her children drank their water supply rapidly. Pete watered the thirsty flora with ours. About 2.5 miles into our trek, the whining began and the water well was dry. We made the decision to keep on moving as it was 2.5 miles back to our cars backwards or forwards.

The whining increased, RePete starts to look drowsy. Now RePete still took naps at this point and it was high noon (actually it was 3pm but high noon sounds more dramatic) and his little sippy cup was empty. I started to panic at this point because I am not sure if he is just sleepy or dehydrated and ready to pass out. So, I grab his street stroller and run. Poor baby was on the ride of his life - tree stumps, tree roots, man-made steps, you name it made our path out. I reached the buildings at the entrance of the park - pretty sure I ran 5 minute miles - and the first one I came to was an office building and it was almost empty. I searched until I found a kitchen and an employee and explained that I just wanted to use the sink to fill our water bottles. Instead she raided the employee fridge and handed me several water bottles and a Diet Coke - the choice of dying people everywhere - and RePete and I were on our way back to meet up with the rest of our crew.

They were coming out of the clearing, red-faced, sweat-stained, dragging their feet.

We passed the bottles around and Pogo and I decided to wait until the Fall to restart our adventures in k1d k1ll1ng Letterboxing.


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