Friday, December 28, 2007

Bah Hum Bug and the Year Legos Took Over.

I took down all my Christmas stuff today and I actually started feeling better. I think I am going to break our tradition of putting up the tree right after Thanksgiving and wait until after my birthday on the 11th. Maybe having it up so long detracts from the excitement.
Maybe it was because it was 70 degrees outside or because we told Pete about Santa.
Don't get me wrong. I'm glad we had that talk. We also didn't play it up with RePete like we did all those years with Pete. We just made a quick reference to the fact that he needed to go night-night so Santa could bring him a present (notice I said "a") and we could all open presents when we woke up.
Maybe it was the fact that nobody wanted to watch Miracle on 34th Street with me or that we didn't set out cookies for Santa. They wanted to watch Star Wars (again!) and when I mentioned the cookies to BN after the boys were tucked in, he said he still wanted me to set some out for him. :-) So I got up and made peanut butter cookies for him before wrapping all the boys presents. Tasty. And so were the cookies.
Pete woke up and asked BN, " oh my goodness, Dad, did you see all the presents?" like BN wasn't up with me wrapping them all night. Almost as if he still believed in Santa after all. And RePete really got into it this year. After opening each present and seeing the contents, he would raise one hand like a cowboy riding a bull (in the yeehaw kind of fashion). He was really excited.
Have I mentioned the Legos? Oh Lordy the Legos...

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