Monday, December 10, 2007

Could it get any better?

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea today would be THE day. I always wake up thinking it'll be a good day, but today...Whoa!

EVERYTING was going along as normal until I tried to print my family photos for our Christmas cards (I dragged my family down to the boat slip and pier yesterday). For whatever reason, our printer wasn't cooperating so I went online and uploaded the digital prints to Ritz, our local camera shop and also the store where I purchased my new camera. They have one hour photo developing and I figured I'd just run in on my way to taking the boys to the park.

When the boys and I arrived and I gave the girl my name for pickup, she became all apologetic because..

She said, "I tried to call you at the home number."

Me, "Oh, why? Is something wrong?"

Her, "Well, we have this release form you have to sign due to copyright laws."

Me (all confused), "Copyright laws? For my own pictures?"

Her, "You took these? Not a studio?"

Me (getting all giddy cause I'm loving my new camera), "Yep. I took them with the new camera we just bought from you guys."

Her, "Well, these are great! Let me get them printed up real quick for you."


THEN this evening after I drop Pete off at gymnastics, I ran to the store to pick up picture hangers (since I had 11X13s printed of the boys) and then I stopped by Taco Bell to grab a drink. When I drove up to the window to pay, she said, "no charge", me, "no charge?", her, "Nope." me, "well, have a great evening and thank you."


THEN as I was catching up on the Fun Monday posts, I read Nikki's who stated that Dirty Uncle Mark stole her ornaments. So I clicked on his blog to see these stolen ornaments and my breath caught in my chest. He had some of the same vintage ornaments that I remembered hanging on my Mom's tree, but were now all broken, except the two I have packed away. He even had a box with the name of the manufacturer. So I looked these up and am bidding on a few that were particularly amazing to me as a kid. I want my kids to see what I saw each year on the tree.

I couldn't be any happier. Oh, and it's my birthday in a few hours.


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