Friday, February 22, 2008

While I'm talking cars here...

If you haven't seen this, go to your car and look at the gas gage. I don't about everywhere else, but in the states, ours have a little gas pump picture with an arrow pointing left or right. About 2 years ago, I learned that the arrow points to which side your gas tank is located. I don't know how I never learned this tidbit in all the years I've been driving but now I know and can I just say the person who thought this up was genius, pure genius.


The first thing I noticed 12 years ago when we returned to Virginia after living on the west coast for six years was that Virginians are vain. We spent four of the six years in California and the Virginians are more vain than even the Californians. When I speak of vanity, I mean vanity plates. I actually commented to BN as we were driving through Virginia that everyone seemed to have vanity plates.

I happen to like vanity plates. I think they really caught on during our time on the west coast and I remember some really good ones that I figured out. It was like a car game when we went on long drives - trying to figure out what the driver was saying.

But I noticed that many of the plates in Virginia have only one of two themes. They are either God or bible verse related or they are just plain asinine. I don't care for the God and bible ones because I doubt He cares about vanity plates. I doubt it impresses Him one bit and frankly, there's no sport in it for me. "PRAZ HIM" isn't all that hard to figure out. Neither is "PSALM ##". (pick your poison)

What really gets my goat though, is when folks spell out things like this: "MY BMW". Well, no shit Sherlock. Who the hell else's BMW is it? And why are you driving it? Or how about "BLU FORD". Okay, unless you are providing a public service and helping the colorblind people of the world, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR IMAGINATION???

Okay, that's it. I'm done with cars for the week.


ps. I think I missed a blog day again. crud!

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