Saturday, February 2, 2008

Techno Challenged Post #4

Okay, so BN and I are watching the spectacle that is the Celebrity Apprentice and a commercial comes on. (the highlight of the time spent watching the tube)

The commercial shows a man coming into a copy store and ordering color copies because they are on sale. The clerk looks at the black and white presentation and gently lets the man know that the copies will come out black and white and they should use the b/w copier instead. Nooo, he insists on getting color copies of his black and white presentation.

BN and I both giggle over this. Only BN giggles a little longer and louder than I do and adds,

BN - "That sounds like something you would do."

Me - I beg your pardon! I say with the glare of my eyes.

BN continues, "Him asking for color copies of something b/w and not understanding is just like you trying to use a cd as a floppy disk."

Me - "What do you mean?"

BN - laughs harder.

Me - "Whaattt?"

What a buttwad.


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