Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

I have a confession. Actually two. #1 I accidentally stole a Sept 2008 Parenting magazine from the doctors office today. And for some odd reason I thought that was last year since it's 2009. Wait it was last year. I meant last, last year. #2 "I don't like my kids these days" was the headline that grabbed me.

The magazine was in my hands when the NP handed me the new prescription for Repete (letter size paper) which I laid on top of the magazine while she and I talked. I walked out and after realizing I still had the magazine, decided to keep it since I really wanted to read that article. Pete is still asking why I stole it. Which leads me to #2.

The full title is "I don't like my kids these day" Mom's guilty (normal) secrets

I think the long, long December I just experienced contributed to some of those feelings. Pete is also considered a tween and he is starting to act like one.

  • Knows less than he thinks he does

  • Argues his point well past my tolerance levels

  • Antagonizes his little brother

  • Never does anything wrong

  • Is always "being yelled at" (his words)

And on and on.

I'm going to go read this article now and find out why I shouldn't feel guilty.


ps if anyone knows how to make that way-too-cute knitted pom-pom necklace, I'm all ears.

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