Wednesday, January 2, 2008


You know what stinks worse than having a December birthday? Having a January birthday. And guess what December kid has two boys with birthdays in January. Yes, that's right, I do!

I had decided this year that I didn't want to have birthday parties for the boys and it's for a couple of reasons. Their birthdays are a week apart and it's a whole lotta work! Last year was the first time we had an official party for RePete. Our friends have children Pete's age and Repete's age or at least very close. We've been lucky because when we get together, they each have playmates their ages. So last year, I got the bright idea to have both of their parties together and we had it at our gymnastics location. They throw a great party and everyone had tons of fun. BUT it was so chaotic with so many children present that I needed a serious nap when we were done (but of course couldn't take one) and these parties are expensive. We don't have the luxury of having a party at the park (FREE) or having one in our backyard (FREE) because it is freezing outside. I did give Pete a Spy party at home two years ago, but after I bought all the entertainment and prizes and goody bags and food, I wasn't any better off.

So it is the curse of the winter baby to have to find suitable indoor places to party-hardy and it is the curse of the winter baby's parents to shell out the big bucks. These past few months, I thought instead of spending it all on parties, why not have a great family getaway. Something the boys would really love and BN and I could enjoy too. And really, my boys do not need more presents. Not just because Christmas just passed, but because they do not need anymore toys!!!

So BN agreed this would be a fine idea. RePete doesn't really care yet. Pete? Not happy. He wants all of his friends to come over, sleep over, eat, drink, bring presents and be merry.

Guess what? RePete turns four tomorrow! Aghhhh!! I had to get a few things at the store today so I picked up cake mix, icing, special plates, streamers, those blowie things and a card. I feel like the worst Mom ever. Then I called BN at work and said, "Did you remember tomorrow is RePete's birthday?" and he said, "Uh, not really." OMG we are the worst parents ever. So BN is going by the store at lunch to pick up his presents.

Pete's is next Wednesday. Aghhh!!

I think we are going to stick with our original plans. Next Wednesday, we'll have cake and streamers and presents from us. Maybe next weekend, I'll let the two neighbor boys come over and spend the night as a special thing for Pete. No presents. And then we'll head to The Great Wolf Lodge as a family.



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