Friday, January 11, 2008

Get another job!

My poor RePete has been plagued by 4 cavities in his almost 4 year old mouth. We brushed and flossed and avoided too much sticky, sugary things but he got them anyway. Our pediatric dentist retired and handed his practice and all of his patients over to a newer, younger dentist. He sucks!

After giving RePete this drink that made him loopy, they also used nitrous oxide and wrapped him in a blanket (to control arm movement) and filled his first two back in July. They decided he was just too afraid of the dentist to be able to do anymore fillings, and to avoid "traumatizing him" any further, they let me know that their new procedure for these "types of children" would be to send them to the local hospital and put them under while they x-ray and fill cavities. Obviously, I said, "I don't think so. You aren't putting my three year old under for cavities. ARE YOU HIGH?"

I started searching first by asking for good recommendations on the local homeschool yahoo group and then by researching those and doing my own checking around. I decided on a family dentist this time instead of a pediatric dentist and I am so happy with my choice.

We went in for his consult on Monday and he sat in the chair and allowed the hygienist to take x-rays. Imagine that. No drugs or sedation of any kind. Then we were able to come back on Tuesday (not three months later as happened with the ped dentist) and get one of the teeth filled. They did use nitrous oxide and he complied just fine. They filled his tooth without any unconsciousness or binding blankets. RePete left the office smiling and gave the dentist and hygienist a high five. He cried everytime we arrived at and left the ped dentist.

I was talking to my sister about this (she's a nurse) and she said they are probably just tired. The family dentist sees all ages and so is refreshed when a difficult child walks in. The ped dentists deal with difficult children all day and are just tired so they do what they know will get the job done the most efficiently. (ie blankets, drugs etc. and now putting them to sleep)

The new dentist and her hygienist took time with my baby. They even had to delay the next patient because the extra time and TLC they took with RePete caused his visit to run over. Even running behind, they kept a slow and steady pace.

I can see where my sister is coming from but I just think if you are tired of your job, it's time to move on. If anything, I would think the ped doctors should have the most compassion and understanding and be able to take a few extra minutes to calm and reassure the little patient. I think it's about the bottom line, the dollar. It's no coincidence just about every ped dentist has an orthodontist right next door. Don't even get me started on that. That is a whole nother post.

Anyway, for anyone looking for the very best for their families, don't overlook "family" doctors.


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