Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free at last.

This is the beginning of my freedom. Freedom from diapers, pull-ups and the like.

It all began innocently enough with the morning changing of the pull-up. Because RePete had worn it all night, the sides had dug into his tender little hips and it hurt a little when we removed it. I explained that it hurt because he was too big for pull-ups and that undies were soft and didn't hurt. So RePete wanted to wear his underwear today. That was at 8:30am.

He held it and held it and held it some more. We went to his gymnastics class where I let him know that Ms. Donna wouldn't let him stay in gymnastics if he wet himself. So he held it some more until we got home at 2:30pm. I saw him walk off looking for some place "private" and knew I had to act fast. So I picked him up and ran to the back bathroom and yanked his pants off and he walked right up to the potty and HE PEED IN THE POT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!! Just 13 days shy of his fourth birthday.

I ooohed and aaahed and poofed my chest out the way only a proud momma bird can do, and he smiled. He too was proud of this moment. We called Dad at work and RePete told him the news and he said he would pee in the pot again next time. I can't wait until tomorrow morning about 8:15am when he has to poop. I can't believe I can't wait.

I used to anxiously wait for dates for dinner, now I wait for poop. Such is my life. And what a glorious one it is.


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