Saturday, January 19, 2008

You heard it here...

My sister knows I deprive my boys of the fun things in life so she bought them THIS... Pete is tickled pink.
My boys will pick Wendy's (fast food chain) any time day or night. After the gym today (yeah, I know) I asked where they wanted to grab lunch and both exclaimed, "WENDY'S!!" I commented to them that if they keep eating at Wendy's, they'll turn into chicken nuggets.
Shortly after that we pulled into their parking lot and RePete starts crying out, "no, not here, not here, I can't wanna be a chicken nugget."
My sister has a son, almost 13, and she drives him to school each morning on her way out. One of her neighbors has a daughter about the same age and she has become the outcast on their street (you know how young girls can be) and asked if Doodah would mind letting her daughter ride with them to school for a while. Of course it was okay and Doodah and Tbone got to hear all the sordid details about how the other girls were treating her.
Tbone, being a male, looks at her after a few rides and says, "why don't you all just fist fight and get it over with so you can be friends again?"
Why not, indeed?
How long does it take Pete to complete a math worksheet? Oh about 30 minutes, while I tear my hair out in the background.
How long does it take Pete to complete a math worksheet when a friend is sitting on our porch waiting to play? About 8 minutes. Perfect score.

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