Thursday, November 10, 2011

#10 - I hate school

This was said by Pete a week or so ago and I took it as a personal affront and told him so. 
I let him know that I quit a perfectly good job because I wanted to stay home with him and then his brother.  When we realized that our school system wasn't right for us, we pulled him out of school and began homeschooling so that he could be free to be himself.  I spend a lot of money and time searching for just the perfect curricula for them both.  And I spend a lot of time and money driving the two of them around every week, so that they can participate in co-ops, theater, and sports.

He corrected himself by saying it wasn't school he hated, but things that were hard to do in school.  Then he thanked me homeschooling him.

Reason #4,197 why I love that kid.



  1. You know, I hate the word hate. Because it never really explains one's frustration, and it's so very general. I'm glad he recanted, because I know he loves being homeschooled.


  2. I'm glad he made the distinction!

    And speaking of the word "hate" - my kids school has started this new English program where they have "Banned" words. So - making Hate a banned word means he has to come up with something better - like Detest, Despise, or Barely Tolerate.

  3. Zoila - :o)

    Karmyn - Yes, we have several that are on the "list" and we are working on them. We also have talks about extreme words like hate, never, always, etc. Life lessons are always ongoing. :-P


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