Monday, November 28, 2011

Banned! D=78

I've banned myself from the genealogy sites until after the holidays.  I was on the computer ALL DAY yesterday.  I mean ALL DAY.  It was fun and the discovery was awesome but oh my goodness what in the world?

Anyway, a year's subscription to one of the popular sites was my gift to my mom along with helping her do the research and scan in photos and keep backups of what we find.  So good luck, Mom.  I'll come back around after the new year begins...or later this evening.  Whichever.

In other news I have decided that we can never take another week off from school.  In fact, maybe we need to go at it 7 days a week.  Every time we take a break, it gets harder and harder to get back to the grind.

So much so that I am seriously considering finding an online school so someone else can teach and I can just monitor the progress.  Or maybe I just need meds.  Whichever.


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  1. That's a good gift to give!

    I've been on the computer all day too -but that is when I was caught up with games...which I'm happy to say I'm done with now. (I always feel so guilty)


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