Monday, November 14, 2011


I've decided I need a new hobby.  I have so many half finished projects, I figured adding a few more won't hurt a thing, except the already crowded spaces in my house.

Ever since I bought and made this pattern,  the company I purchased it from has been sending me emails showcasing awesome fabrics.  (I bought these fabrics from a local fabric store.)

I am a sucker for pretty things and fabrics are one of my favorites.  I have a piece of toile that I've had for about 8 years now.  I found it at the Design Center in Washington, DC when I was studying interior design and used it in one of my projects.

Anyway, (D=47*), I found this at Fat Quarters online a few weeks ago.

I bought this coordinated set of fabrics and they are a little bit crazy but I love them all and I plan to use them on smaller items, like a wallet pattern I bought from a Lazy Girl like me,  and small accessory bags, like for makeup or personal items in a purse.  Mixing and matching wherever I can.

I can't wait to start. 

*my discombobulation number


  1. I'd trade you sewing machines if I could. I have a huge built-in one I inherited from my grandmother. It is great, but seriously - all I really do is hem things with it. It's a lot of work to drag out the sewing table and hook it all up for the minimal stuff I do.

  2. I seem to be a collector of fabric. I don't really do anything with it except buy it, store it for later, pull it out and think about all the things I could make with it, leave it lying around for a while, and then pack it back up. I love fabric. A seamstress I am not. I'm also not much on finishing projects. Sigh.


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