Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dreaded 28 Foot Rope

My husband is a Crossfitter.  He LOVES Crossfitting.  One of the items used in their workouts is the rope.  So he bought one and he somehow managed to get that rope thrown over and tied to a branch twenty-eight feet in the air.

And then he climbed it.
Then our darling boys took over.

For some reason swinging causes them to open their mouths.
But it is not the swing or the open mouths or the loads of fun they are having that causes me pain.  It's the dust.  All of that dirt beneath the big tree gets kicked up and rolled in and brought into our house.  

If I weren't afraid of heights, I'd chop that thing down.

I just noticed the difference in the trees from a couple of weeks ago to now.  Wow.


  1. It's all fun and games until one of them cracks his head on the tree (we have a rope swing in our huge Maple - and this has happened a few times.)

    At least it is dry dirt and not mud!

  2. Yep, we've had a few slight mishaps and of course on the way back around they like to drop and roll!


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