Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ever feel like this

Me, 6, I think

first thing in the morning?  If I have to get up early one more time, I don't think I'll actually make it out of bed.

I've had a crazy past four days.  Not enough sleep.

I love that when I cover my hair on the sides of this picture, I see my boys at about the same age.

My mom used to take pictures of us on Christmas morning right after we woke up.  I like to do that to my boys now.



  1. I remember you posting that once or twice before... and I can so relate. Except lately, when I get up and look at myself in the mirror, I can see my FATHER.

    It's not a pretty sight.

  2. The bangs....the bangs! Mine used to look the exact same way!

  3. Ami - when my dad was up a few weeks ago, he grabbed my hand to help me out of a seat and held onto it, looked at it and said my hands were like his. I'm hoping he just meant in overall shape. :o)

    Sandy - Did you mom cut yours too? lol


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