Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday

Well we went to the pool today. The pool I spoke of yesterday is about 30 minutes from our home and it has a great outdoor pool complete with slides and fountains. We have closer pools but the kids love this one so I take them there about once a week during the summer season.

Let me backtrack a bit.

While the boys were playing this morning, I laid out their clothes: T-shirt, trunks and fake Crocs. (yes, fake, I refuse to pay that amount for plastic shoes) And then I waited. RePete saw his clothes first and exclaimed, "Mom, you got my babysuit?" "Why I need my babysuit?" "Look, Pete, my babysuit!"

Pete, looking a bit annoyed, said, "RePete, it's a b.a.t.h.i.n.g. suit, not babysuit." "WAIT! Mom, why did you give us bathing suits? Are we going to the pool?" "Woohoo!"

I love the beginnings of summer. (two months early)

So anyway, we go to the pool which is located at the YMCA, check in, do a quick bathroom run and head for the outdoor pool. Just as we opened the door, a Y rep came up saying, "Sorry, it's closed. We'll be opening at 4pm today."

My boys immediately start to whine. I say to her that I thought it was open from 10 to 1pm today and I guess I should have called first. She said that it was supposed to be open, but that they JUST changed that. (It's 11am)

Well thanks for that! So as I am quieting the boys I ask her if the indoor has free swim today and she doesn't know. I herd the boys toward the indoor pool while muttering under my breath how sorry the people at the Y will be if it isn't free swim time because my boys are going to have a hissy fit and I will too since I just drove 30 minutes in my bathing suit and we're covered in sunblock. I hate sunblock.

Luckily, free swim was happening so we jumped in and all our previous angst drowned.


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