Friday, April 25, 2008

My Beloved Bedroom Furniture

OR why I can't go totally organic.

It's the designer snob in me. Plain and simple. We took about a year to decide on beds for the kids because BN wanted to go whole hog and not only buy the mattress and bedding but also the furniture. If you have looked at "organic" or chemical free furniture, it is Plain Jane. In fact, it's a lot like IKEA, which is fine for a boys room, but not my whole house. I like things streamlined rather than fufu, but Plain Jane? No.

This is My Beloved Bedroom Furniture (MBBF) in its natural habitat. See that bedding - that was my sacrifice. It's organic, Plain Jane, but it works for the feel I wanted in here. (the throw pillows are not organic) The room isn't big but it's comfy feeling.

We went to a Home-A-Rama (home show) about 9 years ago and this furniture was showcased in one of the homes. These home shows kick off a new development and local custom builders get to show off their skills and area designers get to show off theirs. It's a lot of fun to walk through the houses and see what's new on the market and get great ideas.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, MBBF. Did I tell you I polish it everyday? If I did, I was lying because I hate to dust but I wish I did to keep it oh-so-shiny. I saw this furniture at that home show 9 years ago and took pictures of the bedroom to put in my wish file. BN and I don't use credit as a rule, so I knew I would have to save for it. We always get a kick out of the look on the cashier's faces when we walk in with a huge piggy bank and hammer. Whoo-Boy that's fun. At least in my imagination. Imagine that with me now...Isn't that funny? Or not.

So I saved and saved and then the most amazing thing happened. That furniture showed up in our local discount furniture store. The best stuff always ends up there. I guess it is no longer in vogue with the designers and lucky me - I bought it. This stuff is so heavy I cannot move it. It's good furniture and I love it and therefore, I will never buy the Plain Jane stuff. Which is why I can not go totally organic.

And I think I'll use outgassing as an excuse for my fickleness.


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