Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pete's New Organic Bed

BN's argument for going organic is because of outgassing. Apparently, the chemicals used in the production and making of furniture, flooring and even bedding/clothing produces noxious fumes that over time cause bodily harm. I'm okay with that reasoning. But have you looked at the prices for this stuff. You may have tried but the websites don't post prices, you have to call for pricing. That is pretty much a dead giveaway to me as to how expensive it really is. Due to price we opted to buy the IKEA bedframes for the boys, which I love, and their mattress and bedding are organic. Actually, we are buying them one at a time. We need more money, people. Feel free to donate.

So anyway, we bought an organic mattress for Pete. Pete has always had sinus/allergy issues. He also has other issues that I always describe as "MORE". He's more of this than other kids, he's more of that. We love him for it. It takes more energy to raise him and we're happy to expend it. Just like we were happy to spend more on the mattress.

Pete would lie awake at night for a good two hours yelling down to us, "Goodnight, Mom, goodnight, Dad." or "What time is it?" or "What are you watching?" or anything really for two hours. This has gone on for quite some time. In fact, it started when he was almost 4 and we bought his first big boy mattress. We bought it from a respectable company, paid a respectable price. It was by anyone's standards a good mattress.

Then the organic mattress arrived last week. It's taken Pete no longer than 10 minutes to fall asleep and without all the questions. This transformation took place on the first night. It'll be interesting to see if this endures. Is it the mattress? I think it is. He's sensitive to soaps and perfumes, so why not chemical-laden mattresses.

Next RePete gets one and then we'll buy one. But I have no intention of getting rid of my beloved bedroom furniture - only the mattress.


If you are interested, we purchase a great many things from Lifekind, including Pete's mattress.

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