Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twitter and PeePee

Twittering is fun. Where else can you post "play-by-play" the scrubbing of a toilet. I did that on Friday.

I decided to encourage the boys to pee outside. I should have taken pictures of their toilet but thought better of it. I do have photographic standards, you know. Yeah, right!

I normally try to wipe down toilets each day with those Method toilet wipes but ran out and pretended not to notice the pee dripping down the front/left/right/back sides of the pot. But since I clean all the bathrooms on the same day, I was forced to face the mess.

The bathroom smelled like urine. I don't know why Pete still pees on the seats. I just have no logical explanation for his bad aim. Poor little RePete's thingie just makes it to the top of the rim so I expect he may have splatters. He won't use the stool so we'll just have to wait until he grows taller.

So in addition to encouraging outdoor urinating, I am teaching them this fantastic new thing I read about. It's called the "taking some toilet paper off the roll and cleaning up your damn piss" technique.

Sort of on this topic: Did you know if you spread male urine around your gardens, the deer will steer clear? I don't have any deer roaming around, but I will use this as my excuse when social services pulls up.


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