Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Um, Hello. We're NOT in Kansas.

Yeah, that's right. We don't get F3 tornadoes here on a regular basis. We get hurricanes. We know hurricanes. We don't know tornadoes.

For everyone that already knew where I lived and emailed with concern. Thanks! The tornado missed our neighborhood by about a 1/2 mile, measuring across the marsh.

It wiped out the strip mall in front of our recycling center. It threw a truck into my orthopedic surgeon's building. In fact the truck landed in the very room where my shredded ACL was diagnosed. And it took out about a 1/3 of my old neighborhood. We survived the last big hurricane in that neighborhood.

Sushi, the purse fairy, lives one street over from me and her view was unobstructed by trees. She was able to see the flying debris. Right before that hit, we got strong winds and tiny hail and since I knew that was a precursor to the main event, the boys and I hid in the pantry. I blared the tv volume so I could hear when it passed.

So anyway, we are fine. I can't imagine what the folks impacted by this must be going through with only the foundation left from their homes and businesses.

And just to keep count:

Robinella:2 Earthquakes:0
Robinella:2 Tornadoes:0
Robinella:3 Hurricanes:0



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