Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You, Jenni in KS

You know... I love art. I love all forms, even the crazy stuff people poo-paw. I love it because someone created it and art is usually from the heart, although some is motivated by the wallet.

Jenni had a little contest over at her place and I'm competitive. Even though I didn't want the cd she was illegally burning, I'm just kidding, the cd she purchased and was giving away, I just had to try and win. Now I understand why my boys always race up the stairs or why they have to drink their water at dinner the fastest, etc etc. They get it from me. Poor little guys.

Anyhoo, I didn't win. I got the answer correct but was too late. Jenni could feel my deflated ego from way over there and decided to send me consolation prizes. BONUS! I received two prints from the Jennster. Photos taken by her own little hands.

Thanks, Jenni for having the foresight to place them in an acid free plastic covering because with Doodlebops blaring in the background and alternating reading Green Eggs and Ham pages with Pete, I didn't hear the postal worker. Apparently, because the envelope only said, "DO NOT BEND" and did not have the "DO NOT LEAVE IN RAIN" stamp, he thought it was okay to leave it IN THE RAIN on my front porch. He must have just delivered it and ran because it was just starting to get rain on it.

and when I opened the package, rain was indeed seeping inside.

Jenni sent me this little postcard with a small message for Willowtree. Hey, I'm just the messenger.

I just happened to have the perfect frame lying around and decided to put her work of art on my desk. It gives me happy thoughts.

Although, I have ouchy thoughts right now cause I cut my thumb cleaning the glass.

Just one little tip, my dear. ALWAYS sign your work or put a watermark on it. Not only because someone might try and steal your hard work, but because I need your autograph in case you become famous one day and then I can hold a piece of work from your "early years".


(see happy thoughts)

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