Friday, April 4, 2008

Kids are so fricking literal.

I am smarter than a second grader, thank you very much.

Only he doesn't think so. Someone needs to call CPS - QUICK!

I swear, if that boy corrects me one more time, I am going to lose it. It's bad enough if he corrects me when I am actually wrong, but when he corrects me and I am right, it burns my ass big time.

About 100 times a day, I hear this, "Mom, don't you mean 7 times a day?" To which I reply, "NOOOOO, I don't mean THAT...I mean 100 times a day."

Or if he asks the time and I say, "1:30". He'll look at the clock (the same one I am looking at btw) and say, "Mom, don't you mean it's 1:28?" Of course by that time I can't see the clock because of all the steam escaping my head and clouding my vision. And he's farsighted not near sighted so why is he asking me the time anyway.

OK, deep breath in, hold it, pass out. (waking up 3 hours later) Phew, I feel better.


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